Are You Using Too Much Technology?

Are You Using Too Much Technology?

Cut costs with virtualization in New Berlin & Milwaukee, WI

Instead of adding more servers as your company grows, imagine taking some away. To solve the problems of high energy consumption and maintenance costs that continued growth creates, Milwaukee Open Source Technologies Inc. offers server virtualization. Virtualization consolidates physical servers and increases their overall efficiency, saving you money.

We offer virtualization services for all server types. Call our office in New Berlin, WI today to take advantage of this resource-saving service.

How does virtualization work?

In the past, each server had a single function. But as technology progresses, it’s possible to increase the number of function each server performs. Virtualization consolidates the number of servers your company uses, allowing you to:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Save Energy
  • Reduce Technology Costs
Milwaukee Open Source Technologies works will all servers, no matter the IT setup. We offer virtualization services to clients in New Berlin, WI and the surrounding area.